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12 June 2021

Best Budget Whole House Water Filters Of 2021 Whole House Water Filter Buying Guide

Lot of 8 pentek cbc20-bb 0.5 micron 20 x 4-5/8 carbon block filters by pentair 5 micron 20 big blue carbon block water filter not only reduces chlorine taste & odor and sediment, but also reduces giardia cysts and cryptosporidium up to 99.95%. They are listed as Open Box because portions of the shrink wrap nylon is torn on some of the filters & some of the original cardboard boxes show some wear & tear 3 out of the 8 filters were open box & 5 of the 8 were still sealed in the box when received The 5 still sealed in their original box were opened to make sure that none of the filters were damaged The white cardboard boxes shown in the photos are the original boxes for these filters.